Curie Testnet


In November 2023, Radius launched its first testnet: Curie.

This testnet is a resource for rollup developers looking to integrate a decentralized shared sequencing layer. Curie features the encrypted mempool, a foundational feature of Radius. The encrypted mempool utilizes a cryptographic zero-knowledge scheme is used to encrypt transactions, providing an effective solution for censorship and harmful MEV resistance caused by centralized sequencers on rollups.

As part of the Curie Testnet, testers can engage with a decentralized exchange interface, offering a firsthand experience of encrypted mempool-based sequencing and pre-confirmations for transactions.

Build with Radius

We are prepared to support rollups networks and applications with the encryption sequencing module, as demonstrated in this testnet. The upcoming version of our testnet, scheduled for Q1 2024, will focus on additional features like block building, transaction order validation, and liveness with leader election, with rollup integration(s).

If you are working on a rollup network or application developer and interested in achieving decentralization, get in touch with us on Twitter.

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