Rollups can integrate the following solutions for user protection and profitability:
  • Encryption-as-a-Service (EaaS)
    Users encrypt transactions and generate proofs with Practical Verifiable Delay Encryption (PVDE), a zero-knowledge technology that employs time-lock puzzles and zero-knowledge proofs for secure encryptions. The encrypted transaction, proof, and timelock puzzle are submitted to the sequencing layer.
  • Sequencing-as-a-Service (SaaS)
    The sequencing layer selects and verifies components received from EaaS, sequences transactions, and bundles them into a block that is submitted to the rollup for execution. The sequencer must sequence transactions and send the order commitment to the user before they can decrypt the transaction. Upon submitting transactions to the data availability layer, users can verify the order commitment. If a commitment is found to be broken, rollups will be slashed.
  • Benign MEV Provider:
    An open marketplace for profit-seeking traders and searchers to engage in cross-rollup arbitrage, liquidations, and backruns. Rollups take a share of profits from these activities, creating new revenue streams that are native to the sequencing layer.
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